I used to write.  Often.  But I don’t anymore. I wrote for over a decade and really enjoyed it. I wrote about whatever was on my mind. Social commentary. Politics. Religion. Crazy people.

I would drink. I would write. I would drink more. I would edit.

Two things happened

One. I stopped drinking.

Two. Those in power made fun of middle class America in every way possible. From every side. Didn’t even hide it. Didn’t even try. It is consuming. And it is not fun to write about.

It is exhausting.

I need to stay busy. I just do.

So I go for walks. I go for hikes. Go to the beach. Hit the mountains.

Take my dog everywhere.

And I don’t leave the house without my camera.

I’ve left it here. The ones I like.


And be good humans.

So this is a place for me to post and share the photographs I take.